When is a painting finished……

Lately, I’ve been working on a series of paintings that never seem to be finished. These painting were inspired by the works of Joan Mitchell who is one of my favorite artists. I like her pieces because they seemed to of been created almost effortless, like they were done without even a second thought.
Painting abstract expressionism is something new for me and I find it very challenging and inspirational to paint this way but one thing that’s been on my mind is, knowing when to stop???
When do you know your painting is finished. Some artists can work on pieces for years and I don`t think they even know when they`re done.
Surely I say you must know your done when you`ve acheived the effect you were going for but what about when you don`t..??
The pieces I`m working on seem to have so much paint on the surface. I’ve been painting and re-painting constantly and they’ve reached a point that now I`m scared the stretcher will collapse. I`m so nervous cause I`ve changed them so much, I`m starting to panic!!! I even forgot what I wanted to acheive.
This morning as I was looking at them, I had a thought. What if you just keep painting them……. until either the canvas falls apart, or you die!
I`m kidding!!!!!
I think that a painting can certainly go on for a very long time and it`s really about the trials and tribulations of the artist. All the things that go through your head at the time, even your mood. I think the finished piece is finished only when you know you`ve put all your heart and soul into it and not one moment sooner.
Keep painting…….. forever????

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