Supporting your fellow artist

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a screening for a film, a new friend and fellow artist was showing. It was only 25 minutes long and was about strangers that see each other on a bus everyday, but never meet. It was entertaining and quite funny. 

A couple of day before the viewing, I was really debating if I should go see this film or not because I didn’t really know this person very well and thought, it wouldn’t really make a difference if I was there or not. I finally decided to go cause I felt that even though I didn’t know this person very well, it was important to show up and show support for them and their art. 
It’s something I think that’s important to do even if say, you don’t know that artist very well or even if their form of expression isn’t your cup of tea. Even if its to show up and just say hi, it’s important. We sometimes don’t get enough support or encouragement from others so its good to at least get it from your fellow artist. I also think it works both ways also. You give support and you get support. So get out there and support your fellow artist!!!!

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