Summertime and the living is easy


Another hot muggy day here in Montreal. The weather lately has been “swamp like!” lots of humidity, downpours and heat. I’m surprised I haven’t found any alligators in my backyard.
It’s pretty hard getting to the studio these days and staying focused. I find that wether it’s the weather or even that your ideas have come to a dead stop, you have to keep going.
Get to the studio! Work on anything! Take out some older work or work that you’ve discarded and see if you can re-compose it or even use it with something else. Often times, I’ll just keep painting with no particular direction or intent, until another idea hits me, and that usually turns into something positive. Work on small pieces, do some collages.
Just keep working and before you know it, the days will get cooler and the ideas will flow once again.

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