Stories from the Artist Project

Just got back this past Monday from Toronto. For those who have been following my blog, I was there to participate in the Toronto Artist Project for the first time. The overall experience was a good and positive one. I came away feeling good about myself and also about my art. Selling some artwork was also a big plus and a confidence boost. I also met alot of other great artists and even manage to make a few as friends.
One story that was particular touching was when a woman named Irene came to my booth. She revealed that she was a secretary at a local high school and had been painting for a couple of years. She said she converted one of her extra bathrooms in her house into a studio cause that was really the only place she could use. She also started to tear as she mentioned how much she loved to paint and how important it was to her and that one day she wanted to do it full time. What she said next sort of blew me away cause i thought it was really touching to hear. She said that she painted to give her work away to raise money for the poor….WOW!! That was absolutely fantastic to hear. I mean who does that!? She said she painted for the love of painting and gave it away for that same reason. It was a very touching story and I could only say thanks to Irene for all her kindness and painting for truly something special.

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