Snowy Monday

Wow, what a day!!

Finally made it to the studio this morning, late but a least I got there. Last night was a rough one. My daugther was coughing and had a little bit of a fever, so she couldn’t sleep and when she doesn’t sleep neither do we.

So my morning started very sluggish. I started doing some drawings when I arrived but didn’t really know what I wanted to work on. I love just being mellow like I was this morning, quietly working with some music playing in the background. I think when your feeling the way, its good to just coast until you maybe find some untapped energy…or go home.

Anyway, the get go was rough but I managed to start applying paint to those small drawing I started previously. I was trying to paint them using different approaches, some with pastel chalk and some with acrylic paint. At last, something was happening!! The drawings were working and I was waking up!

It started snowing early in the afternoon and that seemed to give me even more energy so I went to my big canvas and started laying down some incredible color. I guess the excitment of the first snow and getting my feet moving proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Finally made it home tired but happy I saved the day…………Maybe tonight I’ll……..zzz….zzzz…..zzzzz

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