Production or Inspiration

So its getting down to crunch time for the Toronto Artist Project (March 3-6th.) and I am still not sure about what artwork to bring to the show. Do I bring art that is safe and that everyone will probably like and enjoy or do I bring something a little more different. Something one might not see everyday.

The thing is, I paint really what I feel and what inspires me to try on a canvas and some paintings, most painting, don’t follow a series or even have any connection to each other. I can paint serenity and simple landscapes and turn around a few months later and paint something more expressive and vibrant.

I guess its because my inspirations can change so quickly and I let them because my attention span is sometimes that of a small infant playing with more than one toy. I don’t abandon one style for another, I just really want to immerse myself into everything and not miss out on anything that might give me new vigor, thought and direction.

I read an article the other day about a painter named Bruno Cote (1940 – 2010) who stated that he found that we sometimes focus more on a style rather than on the person behind the work. Words like landscape, traditional, modern, avant-garde, too often are a pretext to exclusion and indifference in the art world.

I think my best bet will be to bring work that I feel really good about and let people see for themselves what they might like, or not. I want people to view my work and not catagorize it but rather enjoy it for what it is, Demetrios’ art.

My work is changing rapidly as I am growing as an artist and eventually I will probably only do what I feel really passionate about, as long as I don’t become too comfortable and start producing the same work over and over again. That is probably the one thing that kills an artist the quickest and eventually sucks the life and passion out of making your art.

Art should not be production just inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Production or Inspiration

  1. Demetrios,

    You should bring the art that represents who you are as a person. The art that you are most passionate about. Naturally every artist is passionate about all their pieces but just as in life we always "like" some things more than others. Your passion is what people need to see and feel if they are to understand "Demetrios Art".

    Can't wait

  2. I own a few different art pieces and my most cherished painting is a painting from Demetrios Papakostas.
    I have been fortunate enough to visit his personal art gallery where I was left with my jaw to the floor. My wife and I both would of loved to have walked away with a number of paintings (if money wasn't an object we would of had a respectable collection).
    Now I'm not an

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