Personal: Friends and 50th. Birthdays

It’s Sunday early afternoon. Last night I went to my old friend’s 50th. Birthday celebration. We hadn’t seen each other for about ten years and it was great getting together with him and the old gang. It didn’t take us long to get reacquainted. It took us about 10 seconds of trying to recognize each other as some of us got balder or fatter, but it was as if we’d never been apart. I guess with old friends, things are that way.
When you’ve know each other for so long and you’ve been through so much together, the feelings of closeness and love for each other never really go away. Sure we are closer to some friends than others and I wonder why we grew apart in the first place but I guess life happens and before you know it, you’re running to the doctor for your kids or there’s a function at school or any number of everyday issues that somehow seem more important. Friends do sometimes take a back seat to family, but for me they are and always will be my friends. At the end of the night, we vowed to get together at least once a month and keep in touch more often…hopefully it won’t be in another ten years.

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