Painting as others before you.

Recently, someone commented that some of my artwork has been compared to a famous artists work. Although there maybe some influence of this painter in my work, the similarities are only a few.

This got me to thinking about; How do we see our work and is it as others see it? When we look at art, do we search for the famous artist version of what we see. You might hear people commenting about how this looks like a Picasso or a Rothko. Do they intentionally seek to find another artist in our work.

I think we can’t help but be influenced by the artists we find interesting and unique. We can’t help but try to imulate them in some way.

I have always tried to forge my own way as far as my artwork goes and don’t think I’ve ever tried to copy someone directly and intentionally. But what if all people see is another artist in your work, what are you to do? Is it okay to be compared. Maybe it’s just meant as a compliment to you or for them to try and connect more to you and your art.

For myself, maybe painting as others did before me, is part of a growing, learning process. Sort of learning through them. It’s just a road to discovering yourself and your art and about what you want to say.

I know the painters that have influenced me, have made me open up and sort of given me their permission to paint and think more seriously and more aware of what to look for as I work and grow. For now, if my work does seem similar to another artists, I think it’s a positive thing, that is, until I can truly find my own unique way.

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