Nothing but the real thing

I was out shopping with my wife and kids earlier today and I happened to wonder into a furniture accessories store. You know, the kind that sell all sorts of different bowls and chairs and accent furniture for you home. They also had some big format paintings that were hung on the walls. The paintings were abstract. Something someone would use to finish off a room, or even start with one as a focal point (something we’ve all learned about, on those design shows). As I approached one of the paintings to get a better look, to my absolute horror, the “thing” was a printed vinyl reproduction (giclee), with splashes of more paint thrown on top, to make it look more authentic. Wow, the price was listed at 1169.00$!!! That’s 1169.00$ for a totally fake painting!!! Money in the toilet, no matter how rich you are! I would personally be extremely embarrassed to have something like that hang on my wall and even worse to have actually paid for it.
As an artist I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t take some time to seek out and find real art from a real artist, no matter what that artist might create. Not only are you supporting and encouraging us as artists, but you have something authentic, beautiful and original that was created using our thoughts, creativity and our own two hands. It’s true that when you buy a piece of art, you take a little of the artist with you. You do, trust me on that! And more often than not, most art is affordable. I’d rather start a collection with a small inexpensive piece of art and watch the artist grow, than buy something that will never increase in value because it’s worthless to begin with.
What then, is more real than having that on your walls or in your homes, rather than something cheaply made on a vinyl canvas meant to only represent the real thing. Your homes are an extention of your personalities, your desires and with what you put in it, you say to the world, “look at my lovely home!!” You spend so much time, effort and money buying furniture and accecories for your home, why not also spent a little time finding unique art or an artist to truly make your home a one of a kind.

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