My Open Studio Weekend

This past weekend I hosted an open studio at my studio. I like opening my studio doors and having visitors drop by to see what I am up to every 6 to 8 months. It gives me a chance to see how people might react to my artwork and spend some time with friends and acquaintances. It also gives me a chance to give my studio a good cleaning, price my artwork, and put things in order.
Although it was not about making sales this weekend (couldn’t hurt)it was about building relationships with future clients and making everlasting connections. What I also really liked, was explaining my artwork to people who have never been exposed to art or even really gave art a second thought or you might say, a second look. It is hard to believe but some people just do not have any inclination for art. Some would not know where to start when considering buying original art. At least some are open to the idea of having original art in their possession if not now, then maybe in the near future.
I had a great day with a group of gentlemen that literally sat down and let me show and explain different artwork, from abstract to figurative to them. It was great seeing their reactions as I pulled out piece after piece of artwork some from the beginning of my career and others just recently completed. Each piece got a different reaction, some good ones, some not so much but most importantly, it got me talking about my art and got to explain what I wanted each piece to convey. Overall the experience was a great one and it was a great way to meet new people and enjoy good company. A successful weekend in my book. I thank everyone for dropping by and I think I might just inspired a group of future art collectors to take the next step.

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