Monday Monday

What is it about monday morning that almost everyone hates?
I,personally don’t find it that bad, especially after I’ve had my first sip of #@$*#@ coffee……ok, my first pot!!
Mondays can be kind of exciting. It’s the beginning of another week. New things to think of, new ideas floating around and things to try at the studio. The beginning of another great workout week at the gym. The ever present “diet” renewed once again?? Sometimes, I find it hard to sleep on Sunday nights cause I’m thinking about all the things I want and have to do. I do have to admit though that Monday morning can be bad too. Can’t get your tie on straight. No toothpaste left. Forgot your wallet at home……It’s just that I don’t want to give this day such a bad rap too often.
Every day of the week means something different. We talked about Mondays, what about Tuesdays…Personnally, to me Tuesdays are not too good cause you still have 3 days till the weekend…..Saturdays are killer!! All the people running errands, shopping, pushing, shoving, parking spaces, ahhhhhhhhhh………….
So Mondays don’t seem that bad after all, do they.
So get the coffee, and have a great week??!!!!!!

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