Life is short, I am tall.

Life is short. Life is definitely short. We keep muttering those words, as we hear the news of someone’s misfortune. Sometimes the news hits a little closer to home and we find ourselves thinking about our own lives. Sometimes we get a sudden sense of urgency to get things done, start anew, and even try something we have always wanted to do. Why must we first suffer a setback before we need to lose those excessive pounds or have to wait for the warning bells to go off, to realize that we are fragile and that indeed, life is short. Why not let it be part of our lives before we reach that point. We sometimes wait so long to actually do the things we have always wanted to, and then rush to make up for all the wasted time. By then though, might it just be too late. Do we still have time to make a difference and to live the life we always wanted? Can it be that when we were young and inexperienced we just did not know any better? How many jobs have we had in our lives before we find something we love to do? I painted and drew quite a bit as a child, filling countless sketchbooks but never thought much about being a visual artist. It was only later on in life that I realized that creating was what I wanted to do. I say realize because it is something that was there all along, I just did not realize it. Knowing that you can paint and draw is one thing, realizing that you are an artist is another. The signs were everywhere and eventually I started seeing my art making and creating as becoming more and more important in my life and eventually discovering, what was there all along. It seems funny though because we somehow eventually end up doing the thing we most love in life. Maybe is it an internal feeling that just never goes away and something we need to act on, eventually? Nevertheless, more often than not, it does takes a shot of courage, some experience, and lots of maturity, to finally try something we have always wanted to and make it an important part of our lives. Maybe we just have to go through all the other stuff in life to realize who we knew we were, all along.

4 thoughts on “Life is short, I am tall.

  1. This entry really struck a chord with me, especially the part about a passion being there all along but never realizing it or putting energy into it and giving it value. But life is not a race and one comes to these life-altering realizations when they will have the most meaning to us. Calling yourself an artist now and manifesting that in all that you do is what matters most.

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