I was having a chat recently with a fellow artist and we got on the conversation about what I really wanted to accomplish as an artist. What my goal in making art was .

Did I want to be in a museum and be recognized as a major contributor to the art world. Did I want to just paint and maybe sell some painting here and there or even was I just happy being in my studio painting? What does “making it” even mean? Does every artist think of success differently or are we all after the same thing.

Primarily the single most important thing for me is being able to make my art. Being able to have a space to create and write is very important to me. I need to be in a space that can calm my mind and let me think.

I get to my studio everyday and think of how I can better myself as an artist and how I can get my creative vision across to people. I take my artwork as seriously as anyone who has a job doing what they love in life. My art is my job.

Being recognized by your peers as an artist is another important aspect for me. It means that my work is validated and seen as important to others as it is to me.

I still have not completely discovered why I make art only that there is an overwhelming need for me to create and more importantly that I have the freedom to create.

Being told countless times that art is not a worthy profession and finally having the courage to do it as a living has some guilt attached to it because to others it seems to be about play and not really work. It is seen mostly as a hobby and not a profession. That and all the rest of the stigmas attached to it such as being dirt poor and starving. Even trying to encourage people to see art for its originality and beauty and something created by human minds and hands is hard enough but worth doing, every time.

Making art though is more overwhelming than the guilt its sometimes associated with it so I have no choice, I have to create, I must create! That is what I was put on this planet to do whether I succeed at it or not reminds to be seen.

So I guess for me success now will probably mean that I simply have the opportunity to do something I love and be recognized as an artist.

All the rest of it is as they say all gravy!

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