Good Ideas

Get close to your artwork and let it talk to you
Nothing feels better than starting some new works. You lay out your canvas, get your paints ready and away you go!! Its so invigorating to get your creative juices flowing and slapping some paint onto the canvas. Where do you get your ideas? Personally, I look for inspiration, some kind of sign to get me started. I look everywhere but mostly though, my ideas come from writing down every thought, idea and inspiration. Even things I think about and even day dream about.

Sometimes you start several works and they just don’t lead anywhere or they don’t turn out as you thought they would, because of color, maybe composition or any number of reasons. Don’t be discouraged, they are just as important as anything you do. Every single stroke is important. It’s your experiment and your discovery to maybe use next time. I don’t disregard anything, for all ideas are good ideas.

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