Going for it.

Lest we forget 2009 oil, 60 x 72in.

A couple of months ago I enlisted the help of a person who deals with artists, helping them with promoting, building their profiles and getting more exposure. There seems to be so much to do to establishing your career as an artist. I’m still confused about which way to go. Do I try to get into galleries, or do I try promoting myself, selling through the internet and putting on my own exhibitions. So confused!!!!

I’ve heard horror stories about galleries taking a huge chunk of your hard earned money, sometimes not getting paid and even the gallery closing and running off with your work. Those are scary thoughts to have and very stressful. I do however like the prestige that comes with being in a gallery and being recognized amongst my peers, especially if you are as I am, self taught.

Self promotion is great if you know what you’re doing and does require alot of running around, establishing your name and building a reputation. Will it give you enough time though, to concentrate on your work or will your work suffer. Personally, I know I have to spend time in the studio, to concentrate on my art and ultimetly to have work available to sell, so how much time do you spend promoting, running to galleries and actually producing work.

There is also the question of being ready. Is your work good enough to show, are YOU ready to sell yourself and your work. I know it was a scary thought showing my work for the first time and more importantly explaining it to others, which I still have a hard time doing.

I think you have to take the time to learn your craft, build confidence and then, decide as you go about the best way to let the world know about you, the artist.

One thought on “Going for it.

  1. I love this painting. You've captured the nature and the essence of the Remembrance Day theme, yet you're style is clearly visible through the art work. Awesome!

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