Feeling Good

I am feeling very excited and also a little tired after the end of my week long exhibition at Galerie Espace. I was exhibiting concurrently with Heather Yamada whom I have know since the beginning of my career.
Putting on these exhibitions takes lots of work and running around when you have to do everything yourself. It is however important to know how to put on a good exhibition and something every artist should know, especially if you are in the beginning of your careers or if you choose to take your own path in the art world.

Opening night of the exhibition

The opening night vernissage saw lots of friends and family showing up and giving us their support and overall, I thought the show went really well as there were lots of people coming in to look around all the rest of the week. I always love engaging and talking with all the different people that show up and explaining my work to whom ever will like to listen.
It is inspiring to me when others have something to say about my work, and in artwork in general, both positive and negative. It means that art is as important to them as it is to an artist.  It is important to really listen closely because sometimes we feel we are “Legends in our own minds” and it sometimes takes an exhibition to sort of gently bring you down to earth.

Show looks great!!

All the different comments are both humbling and inspiring to me and gives me lots of incentive to get myself back into the studio and work even harder and to keep moving forward.
It takes many years to get your vision to where you want it to be and to be confident in what it is you create. It is only by doing that you will eventually find your own voice.

Exhibiting concurrently with Heather Yamada

After the show, I spent about three days cleaning up my studio, putting thing away and throwing out all sorts of things that had accumulated and that cluttered up the studio. I am ready and excited to get started on a new series and think my studio is ready to begin messing up again!!!


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting my vision and to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year. Please be safe, enjoy your families and see you all next year!!!

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