Crunch Time

So PEOPLE!!”The end is near!!” “Head for the hills!” “abandon ship!” “Sink or swim!””Revenge is mine!!”…Ooops,Ok. that last statement doesn’t really go with the others, I sort of got carried away.

This is the final week to get everything done for the Toronto Artist Project which is on next week starting Wednesday till Sunday. I am still having second thoughts about which paintings to show/bring along. I guess I will wait till the last minute and then decide. Whatever happens, happens. It is difficult cause this first time means I don’t really know what to expect, really no idea. I have invited everyone I know in Toronto, 3 people, yiasou Jimmara who are originally from Montreal. I also feel sort of silly asking people if they would like to come to the show. I was thinking of doing a daily update about the show and send some pics as well. Could be “The project within the project” so to speak. We shall see. I am not comfortable with the self -promoting stuff we sort of have to do. That is one thing I wish I could have somebody take care of and sort of let me think about my art.

How did the earlier artists handle these things? I know Damien Hurst had an accountant who absolutely loved his work and helped to make him famous. Maybe I will get my biggest fan, my mom to hit the road for me. I could just see it now,”Sell those abstracts mom or else!” I am kidding of course.

I also seem to be procastinating a little bit and sort of losing focus. I think its because I am thinking about everything that has to get done and it sort of gets overwhelming. I know I need to focus so, “Focus Demetrios focus!!” Yeah, that’s the other thing, I spend a lot of time talking to myself, is that a good thing!?

Knowing myself though I am proud of what I have accomplished till now and believe everything will get done and I will have a great show.

Please feel free to contact me if you or a friend would like to attend the show. I have about ten tickets that have a value of $12.00 at the entrance. It would be my pleasure to let you have some for free.

P.S. I would also appreciate any comments about this blog or my artwork, good or bad.

Don’t be shy!!!!

And to all my friends and family, thank you all for your support.

One thought on “Crunch Time

  1. Gooo Demetrios! This post deserves more than 'Untitled' as a name, this is huge and you're so worthy. No work goes to waste! Enjoy every second. – Natalie

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