Artist Project 2012

     Just got back a few days ago from participating in the artist project in Toronto. Ever since I got back, I have been confined to my bed with a nasty head cold that just won’t go away and so since I am down but not out, I figured I would share a few of my experiences and let you know how the show went this past weekend.

Getting ready for this show required a lot of planning. I must of spent countless hours and days trying to figure out how best to display my artwork in the space provided for me at the show. What size painting to bring, what sort of paintings, etc etc. It is not easy trying to figure out the best work to bring to a show such as this because you really do not know what work will appeal to whom.

There are a lot of different and interesting people that show up to these events and this weekend was no different. From hobbyists and Sunday painters looking for advice and maybe a sense of what doing a show such as this entails, to students, tourists and even serious art lovers looking around and enjoying the art. I was quite surprised by some peoples reaction to my work. Others liked my small abstract studies from the Permission to Speak series while still others enjoyed my big sized works on paper and watercolours. I even got a good reaction to my newer work from the Structure series, which is a newer and an ongoing series.

Overall the weekend went well. I don’t think that the public was in a great buying mood (minimal sales), but maybe in a more of a ‘let’s see what sort of art is out there’ mood. Having said that, we sometimes tend to gauge our sucesses and failures on how many people buy our work rather than how many actually like or find our work interesting. I think it is quite hard to sell work at these shows that is not instantly visually loved and not in their price range. Choosing to work in abstract as I do, significantly reduces the amount of people interested in these type of work but then that might open me up to other venues and opportunities to show my work. I think these show are for gaining ground in the art world, gaining knowledge and friendships which can only nurture our vision somewhere down the road and maybe lead us to more prosperous opportunities.

Some of my paintings.

It is now time to follow up on all the leads and opportunities that presented themselves in this show, get back in the studio and work even harder at the easel. I can’t wait till you see what I have planned for next year!!!!

My friend Helen visiting after her gruelling Real Estate exam.

The place to be. Booth #207

Peaceful Sleep 2010, oil on canvas 48 x 72 in. 

P.S.-  I loved being in Toronto and think its a city that has a great artistic vision….(It’s also HUGE!!!) I hope to be back there soon for a show or even to see the many ex-montrealers whom I spent time with this past weekend. Thank you everyone for your support and for stopping by to say hello. I will see you all again soon.

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