All in a Days Work

Wow, what a crazy day!!!

I WAS going to spent the day painting but I got so tied up with other little things that I think I had just enough time to mix my paint and do a couple of lines on my painting. Being a painter full time I was wondering about how artists actually have time to even paint. With all the running around, cataloging, printing, photographing new work, promoting an up coming event, updating your clients list, buying supplies, and doing research how do you find the time to actually be creative, never mind put down paint!?? I even come home sometimes thinking, “geez I haven’t done a thing all day!”

When is a good time to relax, decompose from all the outside distractions and actually get down and create. I am finding it harder and harder to get to the studio and just paint. I try not answering the phone but what if it’s important, a client or even….my mom. I’ve tried to keep the studio relatively gizmo-free. No internet or computer just my phone for just ‘in case’. Do you think I might need to get a secretary, a manager, a copy boy, someone to swipe my sweaty forehead as I paint…maybe someone to actually paint for me!!!??? I am fairly well organized but sometimes I need to do even more just to keep my head above water. I guess it goes with the job as artists are often a one person show. And I also think I just wouldn’t want it any other way. Every profession has it’s up’s and downs and at the end of the day I’ve probably accomplished more than I actually thought I did anyway. I guess it’s as they say; all in a days work.

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